Body Wraps With Steam

Body Wraps with Steam

Body Wraps with Steam

Elixea Pure Moor Body Wrap (90 Mins) – £60.00
The Elixea Body wrap detoxifies, revitalises and refreshes the body heling the skin to regain suppleness and elasticity. It is also an effective treatment for cellulite, weight loss, stretch marks & scar tissue.

New Ocean Wrap with Tea Extract (90 Mins) – £60.00
Combines the richness of the oceans with the virtues of tea. These teas contain antioxidants which help to fight against the ageing of the skin’s suppleness and firmness. The presence of a marine active ingredient reduces imperceptible water loss to moisturise the body perfectly.
Body Wrap With Steam Image

Body Wrap With Steam Image

Kurland Seaweed Wrap (90 Mins) – £65.00
First exfoliate with sea salt & crushed red roses mixed with pure organic essential oils. This is followed by a warm seaweed wrap that purifies and detoxifies, tightening the skin at the same time, thanks to the wrap’s many natural hydrating minerals and trace elements.

Inch Loss Wrap (90 Mins) – £60.00
Body scrub with white sand that gently eliminates impurities, leaving a delicious scent on the skin. This is followed by our slimwrap which aids inch loss. Our Aloe Gel, when used with slimwrap, tightens the skin, leaving you with amazing results.

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