Mesotherapy and Derma Rollers

Mesotherapy and Derma Rollers

Mesotherapy and Derma Rollers

*Also suitable for men*

Derma Rollers (1 Hour Course) – £130.00
Three treatments are highly recommended.

Derma Rollers (3 Hour Course) – £370.00
A safe & pain-free treatment, this course stimulates the collagen production to improve elasticity, reduce pore size and firm the skin. Results can be quite spectacular, including the diminishing of acne scars.
Mesotherapy Treatment

Mesotherapy Treatment

Mesotherapy treatment per treatment –£150

Course of four treatments –£500

For all skin types & age.

Derma pen is a great treatment as it is induction of collagen & elastin.

The treatment creates a multitude of tiny punture wounds to the derma which includes the stimulate the production of new skin cells.

We use peels, ampoules & cocktail to deliver geat results.

Hyper pigmentation.

Anti agingaging, age spots, enlarged pores, stretchmarks, cellulite.

Medical Skin Needling

Medical Skin Needling

A safe pain free treatment, stimulates the collagen production, improves elasticity, reduces pore size and firms the skin, helping to diminish acne scars. Results can be quite spectacular. Simple procedure real results
Derma Rollers

Derma Rollers

A Safe and virtually pain free treatment for:

Wrinkles and lines


Acne Scars

Enlarged Pores

Sun Damage


Stretch Marks


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